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In case you missed it: Planetakis is not the only thing we´re doing musically. Mixroboter is our new heavy electro dancefloor project, with help from our good friend and techno guru Pierre Chevalier. Go to the Mixroboter Myspace and listen to tracks from the debut album "The Phone".

"The Phone" is out now on Peng Musik as a Mp3 download album. Get it here for € 6. A physical release is planned for March or April 2008.

AND HEY: You can download the first album track for free: "Lock Me Away".

A typical Mixroboter gig is a noisy combination of liveperformance and dj-set. We mix our own creations with our favourite dancefloor bangers, using a microkorg, a microphone, 2 laptops running ableton and some rather weird stuff.

If you´re in Vienna, come around to the Badeschiff. We´re playing there at the hilarious WRCKD Party on December the 25th.